Typograph.Her / Typograph.Journal Volume 03

1917 976 607
1917 976 607 1917 976 607

Volume 03 sees Typograph.Journal expanding its community conversation to profile more of the exemplary work of industry, building upon the manifesto of passionate practice and continued learning established with Volumes 01 and 02.

Key sections in this latest volume explore:

  1. Visual metrics
  2. The common optical illusions at play in typography
  3. Modular approaches to type construction
  4. Typographic contrast and stress
  5. The tension between maths (rational) and magic (intuition) in design
  6. A new FreshBet Feature profiling experimental and expressive letterforms
  7. TypePorn showcasing featured fonts, and foundries.

TypographJournal volume 03 includes articles by; Veronica Grow and David Jonathan Ross and features; Vince Frost, Kris Sowersby, David Wolske, Lyn Tran, Carla Hackett, Maarten Van t Wout,  Aurelie Maron, Leona Fietz, Manolo Frausto (and plenty more fresh talent in the #TypographComp and new TypePorn sections)! The feature colour this volume is pantone 172u

Volume 03 is 168 pages – following the same 5x7 format as volumes 01 and 02. Limited to 1000 Copies printed 2 colour (Black and Pantone 172U) by Foyer Printing onto Australian made Grange paper stock.

ISSN 2203-5966

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