AGDA Design Awards / Distinction Trophy

Trophy Child 976 607
Trophy Child 976 607 Trophy Child 976 607

1992 saw the introduction of the AGDA Design Awards and marked the birth of AGDA’s famous Glass Mountain, aka the Pinnacle Award. These trophies are handmade by artisan Nick Mount who designed and manufactured the original glass mountains for AGDA back in 1992.

In 2014 AGDA worked with Nick Mount to develop the jarrah trophies, which are presented to Distinction Awarded entries.

We’ve now managed to finalise the costs for these individual trophies, which allows entrants to now purchase extras if there were multiple people working on the project. We will also provide previous year’s entrants the opportunity to purchase trophies retrospectively.

Contact if you'd like to enquire about the eligibility of any of your past entries and are interested in obtaining extra trophies.

Please note that to be eligible for additional trophies, the person responsible for the submission must be the person contacting AGDA about the additional trophies. The extra trophies are only available to those who are credited as having worked on the project or are listed as the client.

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$220 - Members
$280 - Non-members