16.01.20 / Positioning Bootcamp is LIVE … here’s what it’s all about

As promised, we’ve just opened the doors to our Positioning Bootcamp.

Offered to agency owners, founders, CEO’s and partners — aka, decision-makers, this is the training that shifts the balance of power in the buy-sell relationship in your favor.

This is the training that helps you win while charging a price premium.

This is the training that makes everything else we teach, easier, reliable and potent.

This is the foundational training so many WWP agency owners have embraced to stunning success.

Like David Card.

When David committed to WWP training, he had just lost his gorilla client. There's not a person alive that hasn't heard of this client. Gorilla.

In a single day, he was forced to fire 4 valued employees and contemplate his scary $10K a month lease he could not escape for the better part of a year.

He’d always been a fan of WWP but it was tempered by the fact that "we didn’t have a strategic offering. Heck, we didn’t even have prospects very often, so what’s the point?"

But in the aftershock of his business bombshell and in the face of costs he could no longer sustain he decided to go all-in with WWP — starting with positioning.

He sums it up best…

"I did the work. It wasn't easy. It took time.

But, everything that you said would happen, did:

  • Prospects found us more appealing with a more narrow positioning
  • Content became easier to create once the wheel got turning (actually fun — I never run out of new ideas now)
  • Webinars became new business tools
  • Our strategy model became a key selling tool and is still evolving (more fun)
  • Process - Framed Case studies worked to reassure prospects


In summary, we are closing more new business, easier and at higher margins. A case in point: a significant 6-figure project for a huge Manhattan firm we just landed this fall.

I'd like to say thanks for creating such a great program for helpless fools like me. The level of detail, painstaking work and deep thought are evident in every module."

Positioning Bootcamp is so much more than training, however. It’s a process that allows you to finally explore, uncover, test and vet combinations of discipline and market that replaces the fear of choosing with belief … and excitement.

But while this is the first time we’re unhinging it from our larger, longer training commitments, it’s not really a launch, per se.

Calling it a launch would totally undermine its substantial track record underpinning some of the most successful WWP clients.

And it’s certainly not the launch of your WWP journey either.

Yes, I want you to finally achieve everything WWP promises this decade, but as a WWP firm, this stuff isn’t brand new to you. You’re in it. Here’s what I mean:

>>> You’re taking a deep breath with each new opportunity and telling yourself, "I AM the prize." It’s just that sometimes you still wonder if you have the confidence and personality to pull it off.

>>> You’re doing okay but you want to unlock the next level in the game — getting access to your ideal clients and winning while charging more (much more) like you see other firms doing.


>>> You just want it all to get a little easier at this point. You’re hustling to get in front of warm-ish leads and getting some meetings. But you’re not always leading in the sale and you know you’re not getting The Flip — you’re submitting to RFPs and proposals where your odds are 50/50 at best. And all that time and effort and expense are spreading you thin. It’s taking you further away from ideal clients and building the deep expertise clients pay more for. You’re working harder and digging a deeper hole for yourself!

And on our side, it’s far from a launch. Positioning Bootcamp is the six-module training and coaching term we’ve delivered for years that's seen agencies like yours...

  • Find their focus,
  • Build their expertise rapidly, and
  • 2x or 3x their revenues as a result.


For the first time, we’re offering the same training in what was a 12-week term in a 6-week Bootcamp giving you the luxury of time and permission to make a sound decision, while actually getting you where you need to go.

All the modules will drop on Day 1 so you can progress at your own rate. None of the drip, drip, drip of content on someone else’s schedule.

Six time-tested modules lead you through each challenge laying on the next layer to bolster your ultimate strategic decision. The exercises in each module are tailored to unlock rich veins of opportunity you may not have contemplated before.

Once a week, join me in a 90-minute online Zoom session and ask me and your peers your questions, seek our input and vet your shortlist with 19 others who truly get it so that you exit the Bootcamp with the confidence to execute quickly on your next steps and cash in on the rewards you’ve dearly wanted all these years.

And, if you think you might like some one-on-one feedback and guidance, I’ve got you covered. You can tack on three, 30-minute sessions with me and we’ll work to get you where you need to go quickly and confidently.

Get in, get the thinking and the work done and unlock the next level in the game. No more procrastinating or kicking the can down the road.

No more living with a sub-optimal decision made by someone else a while back. No more wondering why you’re not resonating with your prospects. No more questioning how to make the Difficult Business Decision.

You ready? Let’s build a rock-solid foundation for the decade ahead.

Shannyn Lee
Director of Coaching

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