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Jessica Ruhfus, Founder, Collabosasurus

Jess Ruhfus is the Founder of Collabosaurus. She launched Collabosaurus in 2015, which has now attracted over 6500+ brands including Porsche, ASOS, Olay, Topshop & one of the largest global retailers in the U.S. Jess won the 2018 B&T 30 Under 30 award in Entrepreneurship, & has spoken for Apple, Vogue, General Assembly, ADMA & The College of Event Management, splitting her time between Sydney, New York & Los Angeles as Collabosaurus continues to grow.




Bryony Cole, CEO, Future of Sex

Bryony Cole is the world's leading authority on sextech. Since launching the top-rated podcast, Future of Sex, Bryony has been on stages across the world, defining the direction of sextech for governments, technology and entertainment companies. Her extensive body of research and annual Future of Sex report are considered the lead in industry insights. Bryony is an international speaker, published writer and producer, who has been featured on shows like Viceland and Technopia, and articles in Wired, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Playboy and more.



Jason Juma-Ross, Tech Strategy, Facebook

Jason is Facebook's Regional Director of Technology Strategy. He works on innovation and commercialisation of Facebook's family of products and services. He has hands-on experience in tech, analytics, growth, and product development that was gained over 20 years' work in the industry with startups, large enterprises, and the public sector.



Stephenie Cheng, Product, Netflix

At Hillary for America (HFA), Stephanie was the Product Lead for the Mobile and Engagement teams, leading the HFA mobile app and the Literally Trump debate fact-checker. She focused on creating digital tools to engage the campaign's millions of passive supporters. Passionate about using game design to increase user engagement and retention, Stephanie also continues to explore how to translate digital mechanics to physical spaces and products.



Mike Safyan, VP of Launch, Planet Labs Inc.

In 2011, Mike Safyan joined the eight-person founding team at Planet Labs where the company was building the first iterations of its Dove satellite in a Cupertino garage. Since then, Planet Labs has expanded to a global organisation leading the NewSpace industry with the world's largest fleet of medium and high-resolution earth imaging satellites. Mike is responsible for Planet's launch strategy and has overseen the launch of over 350 Planet Lab satellites across 22 launch attempts




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