09.09.19 / Font Choice Survey

You are invited to take part in the above research project. The project has been approved by the Torrens University Australia Human Research Ethics Committee.

The aim of this project is:
To investigate the differences in font choices by novice versus experienced designers in order to determine the differences between them. This includes the perceived emotional impact of fonts, and the context of the font’s use. A second aim is to compile a list of most loved fonts, emotional responses to those fonts and how they are most commonly used by all groups.The study will employ mixed methods research in the form of online surveys to gather data from novice graphic designers and typographers and designers/typographers with at least 10 years’ experience in the field. Data will be analysed to determine differences in font choices between the two user groups to determine what themes arise with regard to font choice. Emerging out of this research will be the ability to compile a list of best loved fonts, along with when and where typographers and graphic designers use them.

The expected benefits of this project are:
To determine the differences in font choices by novice versus experienced designers and the reasons behind them. To compile a list of typographer’s “favourite” fonts.

Your participation in this project will involve:
An online survey, where you will answer questions about your five “favourite” fonts and the reasons behind your choice. The information will be saved for later analysis. The data will be password protected. The data will be saved on a password protected drive and destroyed 5 years after publication.

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