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Business of Design week

11-15 November 2019 Melbourne


5 days of focussed time and energy dedicated to your business.

There isn’t a designer or design practice not challenged to gain, retain and grow their client base. And we all know a strong client base is the foundation of a robust, sustainable studio.

We’re offering 5 days, 10 ‘how to’ masterclasses to help focus your energy.

All sessions are practical and designed to deliver the skills and tools designers need to identify, attract and manage the right clients.


Monday Nov 11

Masterclass 1
How to gain the right type of client for your studio

This full day masterclass shows how to develop relationships that gain, retain and grow the right type of client for your studio.

Clients in a recent UNseminar titled 'What clients think' all said they wanted a relationship with the designer. They weren’t just looking for a supplier; they wanted someone they could trust to understand their business and work with them. So how do you develop client relationships? It begins with understanding exactly what job they need done and then developing empathy that shows how design can give them gains while relieving their pains.


Masterclass 2
Presentation skills for designers

The ability to speak well in front of an audience is a valuable asset for those that can do it and a costly liability for those that can’t. Thankfully public speaking is a skill that can be learned, and this full day masterclass provides tools that you can put to use immediately.



Tuesday Nov 12

Masterclass 3
Retain and grow clients by understanding their customers

This masterclass will help your persuade clients to make decisions based on objectivity not subjectivity. Now, more than ever, design proposals need to be supported by research and evidence that defines the clients real needs. And in a world of collaboration and co-creation, we need skills and tools to help understand clients, their markets and their customers. We have a methodology for this – this full day masterclass shares a human centred design tool designers can use to help understand your clients customers.


Masterclass 4
Designing a purpose-driven agency

There are many challenges facing both our society and the planet. Design is a powerful tool to educate, communicate and influence. How might we design a studio guided by values, focused on outcomes, and driven to impact the world we live in.

It takes more than changing your value proposition. It requires rethinking how you do business and who you work with. This underpinned with a sustainable business model.

This full day masterclass looks at how to articulate your unique values and principles. It provides practical tools to integrate them into your business and culture. It provides ways to identify who your clients and audience are.



Wednesday Nov 13

Masterclass 5
How to grow your studio with value pricing

This full day masterclass is for design studio owners and managers that want to stop selling by the hour and learn value-added pricing.

That’s where the Design Value Proposition comes in — it’s a roadmap to client wants and needs. This masterclass explains how to write Design Value Propositions specific to your clients needs and wants. Using tried and tested methods honed running workshop and mentoring, Greg and Carol will show you how to write a targeted DVP to sell value-added services.


Masterclass 6
Writing skills for designers

With ongoing digital disruption and the emergence of the gig economy, the design industry is changing fast. Designers are now required to expand their core skills to include writing in many aspects of their work. Design business owners can increase their impact and their ability to persuade clients and prospects through written communication that is clear and easily understood.

This full day masterclass will provide you with the tools to master the art of excellent communication through text. You’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your writing skills using a structure that will guide, inform and satisfy readers. You’re invited to bring some troublesome text (a pitch, a report, case studies) that you can workshop and re-write.



Thursday Nov 14

Masterclass 7
6 levers to create more value in your studio.

This is a masterclass for design studio owners and managers wanting to explore different ways to improve profits.

We will explain six ‘levers’ that can be used to improve value across your design business. They can be used to adjust pricing and/or productivity to improve value, independent of the need to add staff or get new business.


Masterclass 8
Strategy Masterclass

A masterclass in strategy for creative professionals.

The full day Strategy Masterclass brings together the teachings of the successful online course of the same name, and provides creative professionals the necessary foundations to develop skills in strategy. You will learn practical strategy frameworks, how to use them in your work and how to apply them in your journey towards leadership roles in strategy and creative industry.



Friday Nov 15

Masterclass 9
How to grow your studio with design-led clients

This is a masterclass for design business owners and managers running successful, stable studios ready to supply higher value and more complex design solutions.

This full day masterclass explains how your design studio can prove the impact of using integrated human centred design solutions for new and existing clients.


Masterclass 10
Pitching skills for designers

Can you pitch your design business in just 20 seconds? It’s a skill that every design studio and designer must have. Developing the ability to pitch gives you the edge to win more work and stand out from the pack.

This full day masterclass will provide you with the tools you need so you don’t choke in your next pitch meeting. You’ll learn the secret sauce on how to sell a design solution without looking like you’re trying to flog snake oil. You’ll also develop the skills to help clients understand how you solve their problems.

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