26.07.19 / Typism Conference is next week!

The Typism Conference kicks off next week with the first two workshops on Thursday and four more workshops on Friday at Griffith University. The full-day Typism conference is on Saturday, August 3rd at the Home of the Arts on the Gold Coast.

A successful addition to the conference in recent years has been the vendor hall. We have speakers past and present who sell goodies, as well as demonstrating techniques and sharing tips with the audience. Attendees loving getting up close and personal with some of their heroes and having a chat about what it is they do.

We also have calligraphy supplies and other stores who bring all the specialist tools to you. No more ordering online, grab your inks, pens and nibs on the day when inspiration strikes.


Pins and Type Nerds

This year is all about pins. Speakers Kate Pullen, Sophie Brown and Nikita Prokhorov are bringing these babies to Typism and they're sure to sell out if the Insta love is anything to go by. Bring some cash with you to the vendor village and if you can't make the conference, hit the guys up on Insta to save you one.


Dogs and more!

Kate Pullen is looking forward to sharing a few things she's created with the Typism crew this year. There’ll be patches, pins, stickers and notebooks. Of course, dogs will make an appearance, and hopefully a little something for all type lovers and life ponderers.

Grab your conference ticket now (includes food and goodie bag)

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