03.07.19 / The 2019 Creative Industry Mental Health Survey

The Annual Creative Industry Mental Health Survey

An annual, anonymous survey in support of creative professionals around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to do this — your contribution will go a long way to helping everyone in the creative industry better understand how to make our workplaces safe, inclusive and supportive.

This annual survey is available throughout July and is open to everyone working in the creative industry.

The more people who participate the clearer the picture will become — so please share this with your colleagues, managers, friends and associates. Every voice is important and worth listening to.

The data we collect through this survey will be published in a report later this year.

This survey is put together by the team at Tank — a strategy and innovation consultancy in Melbourne, Australia. Our goal is to create positive change in the creative industry around the world.

We are fiercely passionate about creating better places to work, and we're doing our bit to ensure that our own workplaces, in our industry, are exactly that — better.

Mental health is a reality in many of our lives and an inclusive workplace ensures good mental health and wellbeing is prioritised and supported.

Thank you in advance.


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