09.07.19 / Semi Permanent / United Visual Artists

Although there’s no shortage of interesting things to say about Matt Clark, founding partner of United Visual Artists (UVA), sometimes it’s just easier to let the subject do the talking about what they do, as Matt did in this interview with Iker Gil, from MAS Context: “Our aim is for our work to communicate on an emotive level that makes you feel something, this is why we like to work with light. People are drawn to light like moths to a light bulb, it’s a powerful medium. Working with light and controlling it does involve a lot of technology and control systems, but we are not interested in making this infrastructure a feature, we want the end experience to be as pure and impossibly simple as possible.”

Back in 2003, buoyed on by the success of some epic visuals for Massive Attack’s 100th Window Tour, Clark and his UVA co-founders Chris Bird, Ash Nehru became a “proper company”. Proper, perhaps, but hardly orthodox – the London-based art and design practice has undertaken all sorts of mind-bending architectural and responsive installations, live performance (for Jay-Z and U2) and fascinating public art including, including, recently, The Great Animal Orchestra, a visual translation of soundscapes by musician Bernie Krause, which incorporated 5,000 hours of natural habitat recordings (approximately15,000 terrestrial and marine species).

Find out more about Clark, here.

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