13.06.19 / Typism / Sixth Speaker announcement

Typism speaker number six has been announced on social media this week, and it's Newcastle lettering animator Sophie Elinor!

We interviewed Sophie for the blog and you can read about how she combines her love of design and language with lettering. She has recently taken the process one step further by breathing life into her letters with quirky animations which are quickly becoming her signature style.

Thank you to those of you who have already bought your early bird tickets to the conference. The full website will go live in a few weeks, so grab your tickets before the price goes up.

Read all about Sophie on the Conference Blog


Typism Book 5 spread buddies

We love it when page-spread buddies get to meet up in person. This photo was taken at the recent Letter West Conference in Utah and shows Nicholas Gilbert—@turningwords—and Markus Long—@rarepilot—together with their shared spread.

It's so great that the book brings people together randomly like this.

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