20.06.19 / Typism / Seventh Speaker announcement

Typism speaker number seven has been announced on social media this week, and it's the ambigram master and pun freak himself, Nikita Prokhorov, all the way from NYC!

We interviewed Nikita for the blog and you can read about how he became obsessed with ambigrams (words which look the same upsidedown) and how this led him to become a lettering artist.

Only one more speaker announcement to go and then the full website will go live with workshops and all core information. Stay tuned.

Read all about Nikita on the Conference Blog


Typism Book 5

Typism Books are often where we meet our speakers for the first time. This is one of Nikita's Typism Book selfies, as he's been a regular feature in the book since the early days.

The book brings the Typism community together from all around the world through our shared love of letterforms. Remember to tag us with your #typismbookselfies.

To order the Typism Book click here and choose your region

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