27.06.19 / Typism / Final Speaker Announcement

Typism Conference speaker number eight has been announced on social media this week, and it's local Gold Coast legend Kiel Tillman. We interviewed Kiel for the conference blog and you can read about how a Wacom tablet changed his direction as an artist and discover how much he really loves skulls.

Read all about Kiel Tillman on the Conference Blog


Typism 2019 speakers

In case you've missed any of the previous Typism Speaker announcements, here they all are again. Speaker 1 is Letterette: Kate Pullen, speaker 2 is sign-painter: Larry Stammers, speaker 3 is New Zealand letterer: Kate Hursthouse and speaker 4, calligrapher: Moya Carroll. Speaker 5 is Sydney lettering artist Melissa So, speaker 6 in lettering animator Sophie Elinor, speaker 7 is ambigram master Nikita Prokhorov and speaker 8 is GC legend Kiel Tillman.

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