06.06.19 / Typism / Fifth Speaker announcement

Typism Conference speaker number five has been announced on social media this week, and it's Sydney lettering artist Melissa So.

We interviewed Melissa for the conference blog and you can read about how she studied under font designer and all-around lettering legend Wayne Thompson. Her work has great energy and this comes from starting by hand and moving on to the computer.

A few of you have started asking about the conference workshops on Thursday and Friday. We share those once all the speakers have been announced. The website should go live in around three weeks and conference ticket-holders will be the first to know.

Read all about Melissa So on the Conference Blog


First four speakers

In case you've missed the first four Typism Speaker announcements, here they are again. Speaker 1 is Letterette: Kate Pullen, speaker 2 is sign-painter: Larry Stammers, speaker 3 is New Zealand letterer: Kate Hursthouse and speaker 4, calligrapher: Moya Carroll.

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