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Talking of Fictions

We recently caught up with graphic designer and educator Erik Brandt, chair of design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and founder of Typografika – Visual Design and Konditorei, to discuss Ficciones Typografika, a self-initiated public art project consisting of 1641 posters. Erik designed some of the posters himself, but invited submissions from established and up-and-coming designers as well, wheat-pasting them to his suburban garage wall across a five-year period. The project was recently published as a book by Formist Editions.



Seven! Book your tickets, book some leave, book some excitement!

We’ve talked about this before, but this is a prize so good that we’re just going to keep going in about it until we’ve found 12 worthy winners. The Stupendously Good Semi Permanent Prize Pack (or SGS Triple P as it’s affectionally known round here) includes 2 two-day passes to Semi Permanent plus all sorts of covetable items from our great sponsors. There’s something for your mind, something for the bar, something for the hangover, your shoulder, the fridge, coffee table, pantry… Each prize pack is worth more than $2600 and all you have to enter the draw (and fill in your details)!



Refik x Process

There were lots of hits on our interview with Refik Anadol last week so we thought we’d follow up with a bit of ‘extra for experts’. In the lead up to 2018’s WDCH Dreams, Google Arts & Culture commissioned photographer Jackie Russo to document a day in the life of Refik at the former auto-repair shop that is his Silver Lake studio. Who knew being a data artist was such hot work? Efsun Erkilic, Refik’s wife, says that on an average day in the studio the temperature typically rises above 38°C. The servers are stored in an air-conditioned closet, but in the studio, there are only a handful of fans. AC is out of the question. “We are already at max power.”

Still want more? Check out this video footage of the Walt Disney Concert Hall all lit up.


Rare talent

SP’s Rare sessions are a true festival highlight; a deep dive into creativity and the ways identity drives innovation. “True creativity and innovation aren’t possible without diversity of perspective and experience within a team,” writes Rare founder and Sydney-based Google creative director Tara Mckenty. “Homogenous departments get too predictable outcomes. Diverse departments bring something fresh and new to the fore.” This year’s Rare sessions are being led by exceptionally well credentialed designers.

More details here.


Background reading

Dutch duo Lernert & Sander occupy a “slippery” space between art and advertising, which means their peers find it hard to put them in a definitive box – something we suspect gives them great amusement.

“In the ad world we’re artists, so we’re a bit more sexy for them, but in the art world we’re commercial whores,” they say in this Elephant Magazine article, which also provides insights into the way the Semi Permanent speakers work, which reading between the lines is uncompromising. They have nothing on the walls and don’t do mood boards or Pinterest. “Sometimes agencies ask us to create reference material and we say, ‘Well, we can only reference our own work because that’s what we want to work with.’ Sometimes they say, ‘Well, do you have some other references?’ And we say no. For us, it’s very healthy.”

Find out more here.

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