21.06.19 / Seeing the invisible with Refik Anadol

Eight weeks to go people! Eight weeks until Semi Permanent. Eight weeks until some of the globe’s best creatives hit the town to thrill with tales from the forefront of design, art, and technology – or, in the case of Refik Anadol, all those things all at once.

Refik is an Istanbul-born, LA-based media artist who has been blowing minds with his data paintings and sculptures. They’re the result of machine intelligence “collaborations” – he’s dipping a metaphorical brush into “data universes” to create radical visualizations that make the invisible visible. One of his best-known works is WDCH Dreams – a public art collaboration with the LA Phil that was projected onto the undulating metal skin of the Walt Disney Concert in Los Angeles. It’s thinking really big stuff, eye-opening and ‘wow’ inducing. Read all about it here.

Eight weeks! Book your tickets, book some leave, book some excitement!


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