30.05.19 / Typism / Fourth Speaker announcement

Typism Conference speaker number four has been announced on social media this week, and it's Melbourne calligrapher Moya Carroll.

We interviewed Moya for the blog and you can read about how she has been practising calligraphy since the age of five and how she gets to stay home and spends all day doing calligraphy in her pyjamas. Lucky for some!

Can you believe we are at the halfway point? Just four more Typism speakers to announce over the coming weeks. Thank you to those of you who have already bought your super early bird tickets to the conference in August.

A few of you have started asking about the workshops on Thursday and Friday. We share those once all the speakers have been announced. The website should go live in around four weeks and conference ticket-holders will be the first to know.

Read all about Moya Carroll on the Conference Blog


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