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Best Design Awards 2019

Value of Design Award


Designing in Value —

The Value of Design award celebrates the massive impact good design can have.

It seeks to quantify the value of skilful, systematic and consistent application of design.

Value can be found in many parts of an organisation – sales, marketing, culture, efficiency, engineering – even efficacy.

Provided the impact is significant and the effect of design as a catalyst is undeniable, we want to hear about it.

With this award we are interested in understanding four simple things:

Quality: The quality of the design work itself
Commitment: The broader organisation-wide commitment to design
Processes: The people, systems and processes employed
Proof: The real extent of the tangible value created

Follow these links for entry criteria, evaluation criteria and supporting material.


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Email us or call us on 09 523 1407. We’re also on Twitter @bestawards and @designersinst.

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