11.04.19 / DESIGNerd / Website Developments

Hey there design enthusiasts,

There hasn’t been much visible activity on the DESIGNerd website for quite some time, but that’s been due to an incredibly long and painful redevelopment of the website, which was full of bugs and issues. Not quite sure why it took the developers so long to fix what they had originally built, but it is what it is. Regardless, the site is now in a better place and we have finally added a full Archive of all the content—which is long overdue. https://bit.ly/2UQn099

I’m also editing an exciting new interview, which will be posted in the coming weeks and will be shared in three parts, since it was an extensive discussion. More on this later.

There are other DESIGNerd developments moving quickly behind the scenes and hopefully these can be shared with you soon. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, sincere apologies for the perceived inactivity. I hope you’ve missed DESIGNerd and are happy that it’s back on track. If not, let me know how DESIGNerd can add value to your design enthusiasm…

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Finn
Founder, DESIGNerd

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