04.04.19 / Dames & Dumplings Speaker / Jenni Doran

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Jenni Doran

Jenni is a Co Founder at Our Revolution with over 15 years’ experience as a designer in consumer brand identity and FMCG packaging design.

Previously working in London and now Sydney, Jen has worked with a variety of clients from well-loved consumer brands to inventors, charities and entrepreneurs. She applies her experience and focus into helping brands realise their vision through creative strategy, ideas driven, well-crafted design.

A regular speaker at design education institutions such as Billy Blue and UTS, Jen is invested in helping to cultivate future designers and endeavours to create an engaging culture that fosters original ideas.

Jen will be presenting at Dames & Dumplings, in Sydney on Monday 6 May. RSVP for Dames & Dumplings.

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