03.04.19 / Best Design Awards 2019 / Call for Judges

You are the Best Judge...

We need the Best judges to be the BEST Judges for 2019.

As a Studio Corporate Member, PDINZ or FDINZ Member we’re asking you to use your best judgment and nominate those in the wider community to engage with us in our DINZ owned awards night.

They might be someone in your own studio who can step-up and shine on your behalf (we’d love them to).

They don't have to be a current DINZ Member (but we’d love them to be).

Best Judging is a great way to connect with peers, enrich our community and be part of the mahi.

It’s all about inclusivity too - we want the widest variety of volunteers as possible to join us in a collegial atmosphere during Judging Week.

As many of you already know from your own experience - they’ll love being asked, they’ll feel good inside and they’ll get the glory - it's pure gold!

What we are looking for in a Judge:
— Respected in the industry
— Past winners
— Known for the high calibre of their work
— Able to be objective
— Those that have had a significant role to play in the industry
— Skill set to compliment across the disciplines categories

Get out there and spread the word - because together we’re building the best design community in the world.

Download nomination form
Let us know your nominees by: Wednesday 10 April

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