18.03.19 / What To Do When Innovating in Business

The business world is a challenging, competitive place, where acronyms such as VUCA - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - are thrown left, right and centre when describing the atmosphere out there for business people across the globe. It is also no secret that business developers are constantly after new ways of adding value to organisations in order to make them grow.

How to adapt and evolve in such a fast-paced environment? How to succeed?

The answer to this "one million dollar question" isn't exactly black and white, but there are a handful of things that will give you a better shot at success if you play your cards right:

Identify your client's real needs

For any service your business provides, success will only become a reality if the client's needs are being correctly addressed; services have to be designed for people as they dictate future trends and are, therefore, the connection between companies and the future. Listening, interacting and empathising with your clients is the only way to identify their real needs.

Don't be afraid of testing

One of the most important things when working in business development is experimentation. One should experiment with every different part of their business, and use every opportunity possible to test their products and services on real people. Remember that failure is nothing but an accelerator in the road to success.

Understand business and services are always evolving

Be prepared for constant change. When building a business from the ground up or designing a service that aims for excellence, you will have to be ok with many changes along the way. A good business model should evolve to reflect the customer needs as well as the constant change of reality in the world.

Design is power, use it in your favour

Design Thinking and Service Design, when combined, are a powerful tool to accelerate and implement innovation in businesses and services, regardless of the industry. Echos offers courses in both disciplines and is inviting you to take advantage of a limited time discount if you sign up for both courses at the same time.

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