26.02.19 / Inclusivity or Exclusivity Speaker / Alison Bartholomeuz: Mentally Friendly

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Alison Bartholomeuz

Senior Product Manager, Mentally Friendly

Alison is a Senior Product Manager at Mentally Friendly and an empathetic design thinker. She is passionate about creating positive change through the design of products and services, and leverages her journalism background to understand and tell the stories of the people she is designing for. Alison champions a collaborative and adaptable process that empowers team members to take ownership of their decisions, and aligns product teams by focusing on the stories, needs, and challenges of users.

In just the last 12 months, Alison has worked on multiple projects for both the public and private sector, as well as not-for-profit organisations. She actively practices inclusive design, researching with diverse users, considering human differences, and travelling to rural locations to make more informed design decisions.

Recent projects include delivering product and service recommendations for state government digital services based on consultative citizen-centric research; leading the co-design of a federal policy with multiple agencies and customers in Canberra; and reimagining the ABC Kids app experience based on diverse customer research, including regional families around Australia, children with disabilities and learning difficulties and migrant families with language barriers.

Alison will be presenting at Inclusivity or Exclusivity powered by Pecha Kucha for Sydney Design Festival on Wednesday 6th March. Dont miss out! RSVP here.

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