11.09.18 / Introducing our new AGDA Victoria Chairperson - Luke van O

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Introducing our new AGDA Victoria Chairperson - Luke van O

Luke van O has been elected by the Victorian Council to assume the role of Chairperson, picking up from the much-loved Vincent Lazzara who now steps up to our national board.

Some of you may know Luke from his work as a consultant with Futurebrand and Designworks, or more recently as the Managing Director for the late Wally Olins' Saffron Brand Consultants in Australia. Since early 2017 Luke has been running his own independent brand consultancy called VAN O, focussed on raising the standard of Australian brands on the international stage by setting new standards for how the work is done.

As an outspoken advocate for the Australian Design Industry, Luke will be focusing his time as Chair on ensuring we're meeting the needs of the design community, while simultaneously building the client landscape's understanding of the real value of great design.

"Our industry's been undergoing dramatic structural change of late and our response to this as a community has been magnificent. The sheer volume of conversation taking place around everything from mental health to new business models and the need for greater protections, highlights to me that the challenges we face effect us all, and our community is stepping up to meet them with incredible maturity and compassion. We seem to be swapping competition for collaboration and co-operation, and not only does that warm my heart, it reminds me why I chose this industry in the first place. AGDA has a central role to play in this discussion, and I've come on board as Chair with a self-imposed mandate to make sure we know what this role is and maintain the right to perform it, while continuing on the great work we do on a regular basis.

Plus, the Victorian councillors are all wonderful people and we get to host the AGDA Awards this year, so it's an excuse to hang out with the best of all people and forget how hard our work can be sometimes."

Luke invites you to reach out to him directly through twitter on @lukevano with any comments or ideas, as well as continue discussing whatever's on your mind with our local council through the existing AGDA channels.

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