28.09.18 / Bento Issue 06/ Submissions Open

The world runs on creativity, innovation and collaboration. This ideology is the driving force behind BENTO, an online publication featuring emerging talent from all over the globe. Delve into a collection of eye-catching and inspiring creative pieces which have been curated to shine a much-deserved spotlight on brilliant individuals. Connecting people from all ages and backgrounds through their passion for all things creative, BENTO aims to unite people and spark much-needed conversations. We understand the creative industry often goes undervalued which is why we have provided a platform for your talent to be recognised by the entire world.

We are proud to announce that Bento Box Design Studio are back for a second Christmas edition of BENTO. The love and feedback we received for Issue 03 was super amazing and we cannot wait to see what our fellow creatives create for 2018.

Issue 06 is surely going to be another Christmas spectacular. You know the rules, we want you to submit your creative piece no matter what creative field you are in and it MUST be Christmas themed! So get creating and follow the link below for more information on how to submit.

Submissions Open: Friday September 28, 9am ( GMT + 8 )
Submissions Close: Friday November 30, 6pm ( GMT + 8 )

IG: @bentobox.studio
Twitter: @bentobox_studio

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