27.08.18 / Mentally Healthy: A survey of mental health in the creative, media and marketing industries

Mentally Healthy 2018

As creatives, we’re expected to use our brains to solve complex problems, imagine clever solutions and creatively inspire each other. But at what cost? Do our practices, workplaces and culture have an effect on our wellbeing for better or for worse?

Never Not Creative, Unltd and Everymind are working together to do research into the mental health of the creative, media and marketing industry. Co-written by creatives, this collaboration is an adaptation of research that Everymind has been doing into small businesses across the country, with the aim to compare and report on findings by the end of the year.

For AGDA, the wellbeing and health of creatives across Australia could not be more important. We’re getting involved to help support this important initiative and encourage everyone to participate in this survey. Together we’ll know more about where we’re at and where we need to be in making our industry more mentally healthy.

Take the survey now.

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