12.06.18 / The Democracy Project / Kickstarter Campaign

In Australia, we have more information on the performance of our footy players than we have on the performance of our politicians.

The Democracy Project wants to change that so you can make informed decisions about SA’s future.

The idea is simple, it’s just never been done before.

The Democracy Project will collect reliable, unbiased data on six key election promises made by Steven Marshall’s Government. We’ll publish this data as easy-to-understand, interactive tools.

We’ll update these tools with new data every three months for the whole four years of the Government. With this comprehensive, evolving resource that puts a bunch of useful information all in one place, you’ll be able to watch as things get better or worse, and understand why that’s happening.

Politicians promise a lot of things going into elections, but without The Democracy Project we don’t have any spin-free, long-term way of regularly tracking if they’re delivering on those promises.


What you get when you back this project

A.) 4 reports per year for four years
B.) 16 reports total
C.) 1 final breakdown on the government's performance published prior to the next election.

Each report will contain a number of "click and explore" graphics (what we called interactive tools in the video above) to demonstrate patterns and moments of change during the government's tenure.

Reports are produced by: The editor of City Standard – Farrin Foster,
Professional researchers,
A data visualisation specialist,
A graphics editor,
Individual journalists

Information will be presented with layers of complexity – starting with easy-to-understand images, then burrowing down into the more complex details of the data this government generates over their four year term.

And when the data talks, we listen. Any divergences from promises or expected policy outcomes that are shown in the data will be explored and explained in stories by our team of journalists. These will add the important “why” element to this project – ensuring that reasonable deviations can be explained and understood instead of used as “gotcha” media moments.

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