12.04.18 / Semi Permanent / Emmet Smith Announced

Visual narratives with Emmet Smith

Just announced: Emmet Smith joins the stage with Godfrey Dadich Partners to discuss the notion of liminal space within his daily leadership of world-class designers and how to create rich visual narratives


Future State: Music

DON'T MISS - Our Future State panels are back and this year we've asked an AI expert, a record label head and an industry icon to explore music in the era of deep sonic personalisation


Future State: Sport

DON'T MISS - Whoever designs the best performance wins. From the athlete to the fan, it's time to stop thinking about sport as a one-sided discussion and an opportunity to bring creativity to the record books 


Future State: Food

DON'T MISS - Environmental modelling says we'll starve before we drown, but 1.1 billion people already go to bed hungry every night. So while Silicon Valley sends billions into the next generation of food tech in search of global abundance, but what are the current trends in food we need to know about right now?


Semi Permanent: Tickets

Buy your tickets now to attend our Future State panels and prepare for whatever the future might throw at us



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