06.03.18 / Move It With Meaning / National Speaker Tour

Move It With Meaning
Mike Tosetto, Never Sit Still

This workshop will focus on motion design for branding, and how to translate design concepts into motion.

Motion has become a core element of progressive brands, where static identities are no longer enough in the digital age.

Mike will cover a diverse range of real world case studies, sharing the reasons behind motion decisions that were made to bring these brands to life.

The regarded Twelve Principles of animation will also be covered, a set of rules that have been used by animators for nearly 100 years, and how they tie in with modern motion design.

You'll get the knowledge you need to think about how your designs might move, and the confidence to be comfortable briefing motion designers and creating your own storyboards.

You'll also get some insight into popular software used for animation, giving designers the confidence to start making things move.

This is not a workshop about how to use software, it's an overview of how to approach motion as a designer yet to venture into the world of animation.

Members: $150
Public: $220

Saturday 28th April
9.30am - 12 noon
Claisebrook Design Community
25 Gladstone Street
Perth, WA

Monday 30th April
Minor Works Building
22 Stamford Court
Adelaide, SA

Other states to be announced soon!

E: alyons@agda.com.au


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