18.10.17 / Where To From Here Speaker / Carol Grigoriev

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Carol started off as a classically trained musician and attended the Conservatorium of music high school, where she first found her love of composition and production. She spent majority of those years playing and touring with orchestras and playing in Jazz and rock bands. She soon decided a career in audio engineering was her true calling and attended JMC academy where she graduated with a bachelor of sound design and postproduction. She was lucky enough to land a junior sound engineer role with Smith and Western straight our of JMC and has been taking on a range of roles since January this year including sound design, composition, admin, marketing, social media and more.

In her spare time, Carol is an electronic music producer and DJ, with a residency at Masif Saturdays and quite a name in the Sydney rave scene.

Carol will be presenting at Where To From Here, in Sydney on Thursday 2 November. You can RSVP for Where To From Here here.

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