25.10.17 / Design Means Business Speaker / Jo Roca

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Jo Roca wholeheartedly believes in the power of design and branding, the shift it's had with technology and the influence they have on any business. She also believes that design is about impact, not hype. Jo works with organisations on complex challenges – ranging from creative strategy, ideation, concept development, product launch, experience design and branding.

Increasingly she has focused her attention on the future of user experience in a screenless era, the voice-first economy and understanding emerging technologies shaping our world. Specifically to the field of AI and its implications and applications in design. Thinking critically about how they will impact our society and us personally.

As a creative lead at For The people, Jo is responsible for setting creative agendas, managing teams and expanding the potential of projects. She also maintains strong ties with design education in Australia and Colombia through regular mentoring, lectures, and workshops.

Jo will be presenting at Design Means Business, in Sydney on Monday 13 November. You can RSVP for Design Means Business here.

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