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Are you interested in expanding your Design Services into China?

Be a part of the largest Industrial Design Fair in the world in Shenzhen with support from Austrade.

After presenting our International Design Forum in Foshan China in March we are keen to encourage designers to explore the extensive opportunities in Southern China for export and expansion of design services.

We are pleased to be able to share a valuable opportunity through Austrade for industrial designers and branding designers coming up in early November.

You can be part of the largest Industrial Design Fair in the world in Shenzhen with support from Austrade.

This yearly showcase is an effective way for market entry or expansion in China.

Austrade will be supporting Australian designers to explore opportunities in Southern China through a Pavillion at the Shenzhen Industrial Design Fair, offering a series of talks and the opportunity to be part of a Round Table Meeting at The Industrial Design park in Shunde, Foshan. Austrade will also be arranging business matching meetings for all registered participants.

Minimal fees provide access to a supported introduction to Southern China. You can simply attend and take the opportunity of business matching and exploring the Fair and the Industrial Design Park in Foshan or you can also showcase your design services in the Pavilion.

The opportunity is relevant to those providing Industrial Design Services or Branding Design Services in the Product market. Chinese companies are increasing investment into developing and promoting their brands and upgrading product design and R & D capability. Branding is one of the most in-demand services from industrial design companies where taste and preferences are becoming diverse.

About Southern China:
Chinese companies aim to ‘transform and upgrade’ from traditional manufacturing to high-end manufacturing and design. Therefore there is a significant desire for international co-operation and for consulting services to develop their domestic and overseas markets.

As a top-four contributor to China’s national GDP, Shenzhen was China’s first Special Economic Zone and has modernized and transformed into the Silicon Valley of China. Some of China’s most successful tech companies, such as smartphone makers Huawei, ZTE and Technology group Tencent (WeChat) have industrial design headquarters in Shenzhen.

Located in the centre of Southern China’s Pearl River Delta, Shunde, Foshan is a world-renowned manufacturing centre with over 3,000 domestic appliance manufacturers including Midea, Kelon and Galanz. It is also the largest furniture wholesale distribution centre in the world. Entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe and the US have set up 1, 797 foreign-invested enterprises in Shunde, with a total investment amounting to AUD 16.38 billion.

Austrade are providing a great opportunity to explore and introduce yourself to this burgeoning market. For more information and to register for this Austrade opportunity in Shenzhen CLICK HERE

We will be announcing dates for the 2018 International Design Forum in Foshan in the coming weeks and exciting opportunities to be part of IOD in China.

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