19.05.17 / Redchip / What Amazon's arrival can teach us

It’s hard to escape news about the imminent expansion of Amazon’s operations in Australia. At its heart, I think our intense interest is centred on the impact one of the world’s most customer-centric models will have on Aussie businesses – and not just retailers.

Redchip director, Ian Tindale, takes a look at what professional services firms can learn from Amazon in the way in which we invest in technology and improvements to our service delivery.

Learning from the experience of others is particularly relevant for start-ups. One of Australia’s leading universities recently published a book focussed on shared experiences, to which Redchip was invited to contribute. In an excerpt from QUT blue book: Tips for Start-up Founders at QUT, our innovation associate, Tim Gerbanas, looks at some of the common legal pitfalls that can trap start-ups.

And it’s not just start-ups that need to be aware of unexpected legal hurdles. Even high profile Aussie companies can trip up. One of our IP lawyers, Thomas Bevitt, shares how a recent court ruling against boutique brewer, Stone & Wood, reveals some of the nuances that can dog businesses in developing and protecting their brands.  

The bottom line is that we are all challenged to show leadership in investing to drive long term client benefit and operate sustainable companies. Full circle back to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: “We will continue to focus relentlessly on our customers…We will continue to make investment decisions in light of long-term leadership considerations rather than short-term profitability considerations…”

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