05.04.17 / School of Design Thinking / Pushing Innovation Forward

"Oh, Design Thinking?
Yes, I have already done some..."

A lot has been said about design thinking. Some say that design has now entered all levels of strategy within corporations, organisations and government and we agree, nevertheless it doesn’t mean that it is easy to become a design thinker or to apply design thinking effectively and this might be the usual mistake… - “Oh, Design Thinking? Yes, I have already done some…”

As an approach, design thinking can only be valuable if applied in depth. Accelerating innovation through a human centred lenses is something that combines the design and business lenses. It is the perfect match between ambiguity and direction and that is when it gets tricky, and when it’s hard to pass the threshold.

On our 3-day immersive program, you will learn the core values of design thinking: EMPATHY, COLLABORATION and EXPERIMENTATION that are the drivers of impactful change. As a human centred approach, design thinking is a structured and non structured approach at the same time, and that is why you will be guided through 2 different projects in the program to practice design thinking for real. We commonly say that learning and improving design thinking is similar to the process of learning how to drive a car. You can read as many books, theories and step-by-step directions, but it is totally different when you’re there alone, in the streets interacting with all these other cars moving. It requires technical skills but also intuition and you only really learn when you are actually driving. With more practice, you become better and notices the subtlety of it. With design thinking is the same. If you are a newbie or a practitioner this course will help you gain clarity on the process and the depth of a journey to creating conscious change and also help you with tools to push innovation forward.


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