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The Designers Republic™

A-Z / 10 to 1*

Supporting the Peter Mac Cancer Foundation

tDR™ A-Z / 10 to 1* is an eBay charity auction of iconic work from the renowned international design studio The Designers Republic™ (tDR™). The large format panels* being sold highlight the iconic works of tDR™ re-purposed for the UpOverDownUnder™ exhibition, presented by 313RGB and held at No Vacancy in Melbourne.

Chris Norman of 313RGB working with Ian Anderson founder of tDR™ decided to sell the panels from the UpOverDownUnder™ exhibition. Chris has a close family member with terminal cancer and recently lost a good friend to cancer.

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation supports this research by funding specialised technologies and new research opportunities. Almost half of all money raised in this auction goes to Peter Mac Cancer Foundation. The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is internationally recognised for helping to lead the search for cancer cures.

Over the past 30 years tDR™ has had a significant global impact on visual culture. They have extended beyond the realms of graphic design to define the visual language of dance music, electronica and the Sony PlayStation gaming generation, attracting legions of fans and influencing an entire generation of creatives worldwide. Ian Anderson is currently doing a nationwide speakers tour for AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association).

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