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Object Therapy: creative repair and our attachment to objects

Why do we hold onto objects? How do objects and memories connect? What happens when a treasured object breaks and how can we repair it?

Australian Design Centre is pleased to present, Object Therapy, an exhibition and project by Hotel Hotel exploring creative transformation and notions of value and repair, opening Thursday 6 April.

29 broken objects sourced from the Canberra community, have been repaired and some completely re-imagined by noted Australian and international designers and artists.

By transforming these loved but broken objects through creative repair, Object Therapy showcases innovative design solutions while exploring the attachments we form with objects. The project encourages us to rethink our habits of material consumption and rethink the role and creative possibilities of repair in society.

Items of furniture, ceramics, household appliances, textiles, jewellery, sentimental objects and even one human were all treated and reimagined giving them new value.

Object Therapy is rich with stories. The stories of the owners and what the broken objects mean to them; the stories of the designers and their process to repair the objects; and the broader story that is relevant to all of us in terms of how we value objects and how we can live in a better world simply by reusing what we have rather than throwing away and replacing with something new, said Lisa Cahill, Director ADC.

ADC has planned a series of workshops and events over April, May and June including school holiday workshops, a repair map of Sydney and a ‘Repair Fair’ for members of the public to meet designer/repairers to find out how broken objects can be brought back to life.

A project by - Hotel Hotel
Project designers – Guy Keulemans (UNSW Art & Design)  and Andy Marks
Research investigators - Guy Keulemans, Andy Marks and Niklavs Rubenis
Curators - Guy Keulemans, Andy Marks, Niklavs Rubenis and Dan Honey
Photography - Lee Grant
Object Therapy is a project by Hotel Hotel. Developed in partnership with UNSW Art & Design and ANU School of Art and Design.

Designer/ Repairers : Andrea Bandoni | Corr Blimey (Louisa de Smet and Steven Wright) | Susannah Bourke | Elise Cakebread | Thought Collider (Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leret) | Daniel Emma (Daniel To, Emma Aiston) | Franchesca Cubillo | Dale Hardiman | Benja Harney | Kyoko Hashimoto | Alison Jackson | Elbowrkshp (Elliat Rich and James B. Young) | Trent Jansen | Guy Keulemans | Dylan Martorell | Scott Mitchell | Liam Mugavin | Rohan Nicol | Monique Van Nieuwland | Yutaka Ohtaki | Halie Rubenis | Niklavs Rubenis | SMaRT@UNSW | Naomi Taplin | Henry Wilson | Richard Whiteley

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Object Therapy is part of ADC On Tour, the Australian Design Centre's national touring program. ADC is partnering with Hotel Hotel for the first time to develop and deliver an eight-venue national tour supported by the Australian Government's, Visions of Australia (Visions) program.

Tour dates:
Australian Design Centre, 6 April – 7 June 2017
Noosa Regional Gallery, 30 November 2017 – 22 January 2018
South Australian School of Art, 13 February – 17 March 2018
Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery, 4 May – 23 June 2018
Design Tasmania, 7 July – 10 October 2018
Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, 26 October – 2 December 2018
Lismore Regional Gallery, 13 July – 8 September 2019
Tamworth Regional Gallery, 21 September – 27 October 2019
Object Therapy
6 April - 7 June 2017
Australian Design Centre
101 - 115 William St, Darlinghurst

Explore the Object Therapy webpage here
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Media Contact:
Alix Fiveash, phone: +61 2 9361 4555  Email: alix@australiandesigncentre.com

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