28.02.17 / The Strategy Masterclass / Final Day of Pre-Order Price

Today is the final day The Strategy Masterclass will be available at the pre-order price.

Wow — What a journey it has been so far.

I released the Beta version of the course in January to a small group of students who were kind enough to test the course in its early stages. During February the course was available to pre-order for a reduced price — that pre-order period ends tonight.

I'm so heartened by the feedback from students so far that I'm committed to continue building on this course and ensure that teaches:

  • the concept of leadership in strategy development
  • a problem-solving framework to better understand and diagnose strategy problems
  • how human-centred design tools can be used in strategy problem solving
  • how a method that can be used in digital, brand development and communications design
  • a framework to allow you 'a seat at the boardroom table', involved in decision-making, trajectory-setting conversations
  • a way to present your work that shows you know what you're talking about
  • establish you as a creative leader
  • The feedback from students, insight and recommendations helped make the course so much better. Here are some of the comments I've received:

"The Strategy Masterclass helped me bring a more coherent structure to my approach to strategy development. The reference material is excellent, and I’ve already referred back to course notes to help with current work. It’s stuff that should be taught as a core subject in any design discipline."

Kate, Design & Creative Lead

“The course is really clear and easy to take in — its a challenge from the get go. It's obvious Jim knows what he’s talking about and his years of experience come through in the great insights — Insights that I've already been able to apply to my thinking and process at work. For me the content around leadership, accountability, and responsibility was really powerful, it made me stop and consider what that really means in my work."

Tim, Design and Communications Coordinator

"Seriously, this is one of my top favourite courses I have taken so far, and I invest heavily in myself. Great content, and so well written and structured I love it. I struggled with strategy in my design presentations. It was hard work because no-one ever explained strategy to me. I can honestly claim that strategy is part of my design work. And more importantly I can tell you why!“

Marko, Senior Creative / Broadcast Motion Branding

Overview and pre-order

If you haven't had a chance to as yet, view the overview video where I talk through the entire course. You can pre-order the course here.

Unlimited access

I've also made some other changes to the course — you'll now have unlimited access to the course and all future updates. This means that your subscription won't expire for as long as the course is up and running and you'll have access to all future updates. 🙂

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