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I am a full time freelance designer passionate about letterforms. I graduated in 2000 and after spending ten years working as a full-time graphic designer, I decided to go back to the foundations. I consider typography the main tool for a graphic designer and I felt that I needed to up-skill my knowledge, so in 2011 I went back to Barcelona to study a Postgraduate Course in Advanced Typography. After ten years of digital practice, I grabbed a calligraphy pen again and I haven’t let it go since then. In 2012, I studied a Type Design Condensed Program at Copper Union in New York City. During the course, I learnt a technique of hand drawing type design that I have applied to my lettering work. I use calligraphy for design purposes. My approach to each calligraphic style is the base for my lettering work. I have a strong graphic design background and I am very passionate about all kinds of letterforms: from calligraphy to lettering to typography.


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