16.03.18 / After Hours / Newstead Brewing Co.

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AGDA QLD After Hours / Newstead Brewing Co., Friday 16 March 2018

Guest speakerJai Mitchell of Josephmark
Location Newstead Brewing Co. 85 Doggett Street, Newstead

Review by Matt Neal

Eager to wind down from the week we all gathered in a cozy space above Newstead Brewing Co, ready to relax and listen to a light hearted chat about who knows what.

Jai Mitchell, a guy with a cute family (his words) who is no stranger to the Brisbane creative community primes us for the talk ahead; How an industrial abseiler stumbled through music into graphic design to eventually become a digital product designer at Josephmark.

We sat back and listened, laughing along as we heard relatable tales of that terrible first job designing coupons or learning just enough about Photoshop and Illustrator to design band posters and CD covers wondering if you could make a career out of it. Jai was even brave enough to share some of that early work.

Sometimes life takes a turn and it was at a fork in the road that our speaker decided his next move was to pursue graphic design full time, going back to college to study and finish with a portfolio he'd be proud of. While studying Jai fell in love with Josephmark's year long Made In The Now project and, with no backup plan mind you, pursued a spot in their studio. What followed was a six year love affair that saw him continually evolve in different and unexpected ways as a designer, refusing to accept the status quo.

"Where to now?", a question that sounds directed as much to himself as it is to us. The short answer is to get out of your comfort zone, experiment, be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Apprehensive but equally excited about the opportunities that are out there, Jai makes his final point. Once upon a time we were expected to have a five or ten year plan but how can we do that in an industry that has evolved so much over the past five years that we may be working in roles right now that never used to exist and may not exist in the years to come.

How do you plan for that?

Maybe you don't.

Just hold on and enjoy the ride.


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