08.11.16 / AGDA QLD / First Five Out

AGDA QLD / First Five Out, Tuesday 8 November 2016

Guest speaker/s
– Col McElwaine, Tom Kimmorley, Emily Devers and Rick Hayward.
Location Ikon Communications, 22 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley

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I will do anything | I can do anything | I’ll do your thing | great advice for the #firstfiveout

@zvina Tonight is gonna be rad

@cassikowitz #FirstFiveOut Inspired all of the right conversations, in particular @frankandmimi who always leave me feeling full of insight and exceptional story telling. It’s an exciting space when what you do is who you are and you see those conversations blur – where the lines between ‘industry dialogue’ or ‘industry insight’ becomes stories of change, actioning connection & collaboration and sharing humble perspective – this has contagious energy that motivates the masses of ideas to flow. More of this please and thank you for hosting this @agda_qld

@bsafest ‘Learn the rules like a pro so you can break the rules like an artist’ – Requoted by Emily @frankandmimi for #firstfiveout

@leahfalcocchio Last night in a cool space with some good eggs. Thanks @agdaqld

On Tuesday evening, November 8, emerging and practicing designers came along to receive insights into four speakers’ first five years into their design journey. They say the first five years out are the hardest and can at times be a very difficult experience.

We had the opportunity to hear from Col McElwaine (freelancer), Tom Kimmorley (Art Director at Next Thursday) and Emily Devers and Rick Hayward (Frank&Mimi).

Col shared his journey of freelance and illustration with some of his earliest works. He gave advice on how to ‘keep it real’ through finding a balance between following his passion and while being able to pay his bills. That fine line of passion versus business is a situation that most designers will experience at some point in their career and Col’s journey was a refreshing insight on how to pursue your personal style and still profit.

Tom Kimmorley is an art director at Brisbane creative agency Next Thursday and we explored his journey of taking risks, giving it your all and not being afraid to speak to people and network. His story began at the bottom of the design ladder taking it step by step and building his future. His experiences at AWARD School and Young Glory were pivotal in his career and creative development, ensuring his skills met the requirements of the industry. Tom again showed the audience that you can succeed if you practice and persevere.

Frank&Mimi (Emily Devers and Rick Hayward), a well-known team provided the audience with a five year breakdown through the stages of: ‘I will do anything’, ‘I can do anything’, ‘I’ll do your thing’ and ‘I’ll do my thing’. The pair has a strong focus on developing timeless and unique concepts and establishing a creative support network throughout not only Australia but the world. A journey of respecting design culture, but also developing and creating their own in order to tell a story. Frank&Mimi were a natural hit with the audience. As Emily says, ‘Open your door to people and in turn, their door will open for you’.

A night of questions, insights and community support gave both current and emerging designers some valuable insights and inspiration to persist and grow in the early stages of their design careers.

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