11.06.15 / AGDA Design Awards / The Pinnacles

AGDA Design Awards / The Pinnacles, Thursday 11 June 2015

Receiving a Pinnacle at the AGDA Awards is the highest accolade a jury can bestow on a piece of work.

It means the work was of outstanding quality – the summation of an original and engaging idea executed to the highest level of craft.

Hear first-hand insights into the thought processes behind the Pinnacle-winning work, from the designers that created it.

How did the idea come about?
How much compromise was avoided, or not, in the creative outcome?
What was the relationship with the client that enabled the work?
Was the work simple and straight forward, or a long an arduous journey?

Join the five 2014 AGDA Awards Pinnacle winners for an intimate, insightful and inspiring evening, where it’s all about the work.

Tim Buesing and Gabriel Tamborini, Reactive – The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented

Christopher Doyle, Christopher Doyle & Co. – Natasha Cantwell

Andrew Hoyne, Hoyne – Dinosaur Designs

Jason Little, For The People (formerly of Re:) – Steve Li Acupuncture

Paul Garbett, Garbett
– Mandela Poster

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