22.05.15 / Relay / Design Forum

Relay / Design Forum, Friday 22 May 2015

At 1pm on Friday 22 May 2015 at the Adelaide College of Arts, 12 months’ worth of hard labour and planning by a small but select team, came together (relatively) seamlessly in the form of the inaugural Relay Design Forum, a not-for-profit program created to help design students and grads to understand their industry more thoroughly.

As a team, they were ecstatic about the result and the feedback.

“We’re pretty proud of what the team were able to pull together, after many late nights and countless volunteer hours, to support SA's up-and-coming creatives,” says Jordan Graetz.

“We've received some great feedback on our first event, and some clear direction on how we can continue to deliver eye-opening events like this in the future.”

The audience were, in general (you can’t please everyone), pleased with the engaging and hitherto uninvestigated, darker parts of the design process: mistakes, problems with lawyers, how to fix mistakes, how to find money through sponsors, how to deal with interpersonal conflict: all the messy stuff which designers hardly ever talk about. Relay’s speakers — from Xtra Shiny, Enoki, and CityMag — were brave enough to tackle these issues, and that’s what sets Relay apart: going where most fear to tread.

“The people selected were great speakers and kept me entertained and engaged. Narrowing it down so the speakers talk about a certain topic (In this case their process) that was beneficial and relevant for the audience was a great and unique idea. I learnt a lot and found the information to be very valuable. After party idea was cool too!”

“Gave me an appreciation of what's happening in the real world of graphic design.”

“The different speakers have completely different ways of doing things and I appreciated the setup of doing their talk and the Q&A session after that.”

Running in conjunction with the Relay Design Forum is the Relay Project Space (RPS), which runs over the course of 13 weeks, and provides an instructive and developmental chance for new designers to engage in industry practices — warts and all.

Spaces for the RPS are limited, so apply here and now!

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