28.05.15 / Noma Bar / Talk and Q&A

Noma Bar / Talk and Q&A, Thursday 28 May 2015

AGDA WA were thrilled to host international designer & visual communicator, Noma Bar, for a talk at Central Institute of Technology, Northbridge on Thursday 28th May, which coincided with his visit to Perth to see his branding vision realised for the WA Day long weekend of events (West Australian of the Year Awards, State of The Art Festival & Come Out & Play http://www.celebratewa.com.au/) and also to be the official Artist In Residence for WA Day (ongoing for 3 years).

Noma was a warm and engaging speaker whose beautifully designed and developed slideshow supported and illustrated his talk, giving it structure and pace. He covered how he started out as a typography student in Israel, how he moved to the UK and struggled at first, and how he modified his approach and practice to attract attention and start gaining commissions. He stepped us through his art and design process and outlined how “the idea” is the most important thing for him, and showed us many examples of his high profile work in design, visual art and published works.

He was very down-to-earth, approachable, gave really honest and thoughtful answers for the Q&A segment and enjoyed chatting with attendees – both at the end of his talk and then again over at PICA Bar afterwards. Great value for a free event.

There was universally positive feedback from all attendees. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and were inspired and stimulated by this interesting artist’s presentation.

A BIG thank you to Ting Sia & Lauren Achille for coordinating the marketing and social media posts, to Brendan Hibbert for arranging everything at CIT’s end for us, and to all the wonderful CIT students for their participation and support. What a team!

“Noma provided the 2015 Best. Talk. Ever. and students are a-buzz saying how “off the hook” he is as an artist and visual communicator.”
– Brendan Hibbert, Graphic Design Lecturer, CIT

“what a great talk.”
– Darren Mok Digital Design Lecturer, CIT

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