Inspiration / Past Events

AGDA VIC / Xmas End of Year Party

Our AGDA VIC 2019 wrapped up with our big annual end of year party.Thank you to all our members, cre…

AGDA QLD / Dames & Dumplings

AGDA QLD Dames & Dumplings - Confidence, Thursday 21 June 2018 Speaker – Tanja Hall (Director…

After Hours / Newstead Brewing Co.

AGDA QLD After Hours / Newstead Brewing Co., Friday 16 March 2018 Guest speaker – Jai Mitchell of…

Blair Enns / Pricing Creativity - Brisbane

Blair Enns / Pricing Creativity - Brisbane, Tuesday 13 February 2018 WHAT YOU MISSED... Blair En…

Making the Cutt

Making the Cutt, Thursday 14 September 2017Guest Speaker: Hannah CuttsVenue: Alice Room, Cloudland, …

Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree / Complements

Brooklyn designers, Wade and Leta, impress audiences Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree / Comple…

AGDA at VIVID 2017 / Can Technology Make Us More Human?

AGDA Event Lights Up Vivid Ideas, Sunday 28 May 2017This year was AGDA’s fourth year participating i…

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AGDA QLD / First Five Out

AGDA QLD / First Five Out, Tuesday 8 November 2016Guest speaker/s – Col McElwaine, Tom Kimmorley, Em…

Mr Bingo / Down Under

Mr Bingo / Down Under - Melbourne, Thursday 27 October 2016F#@king Marvellous!It’s always interestin…

Pecha Kucha / Sink or Swim

Pecha Kucha / Sink or Swim, Tuesday 6 September 2016To Sink or Swim? That is the question. And this …

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Chris Maclean / National Speaker Tour - Brisbane

Chris Maclean / National Speaker Tour, Brisbane, Wednesday 20 July 2016Photographs by Anwyn Howarth …

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Creative Mornings Sydney / Mills of ustwo

In May this year, Mills from ustwo entertained us on stage in Sydney. The talk is now available onli…

AGDA NSW / Shot Down

AGDA NSW / Shot Down, Wednesday 23 March 2016Shot Down has become a staple on the AGDA calendar. A c…

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Jessica Walsh / Play By Your Own Rules

Jessica Walsh / Play By Your Own Rules, Wednesday 24 February 2016"I had a fun time meeting everyone…

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica / Melbourne Conference

Sex, Drugs & Heletiva / Melbourne Conference, Friday 11 September 2015AUTHOR:  Gemma PassSex, Dr…

New Frontiers / VFX, Motion & Sound

New Frontiers / VFX, Motion & Sound, Monday 7 September 2015Photographs by Craig Brown

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica / 2015 Brisbane Conference

Wrap up Sex, Drugs & Helvetica Conference: Brisbane As our #TDKmediapass winner, Marine Bucher g…