Inspiration / Member Gallery

BY Tess Milani

Custom type identity for Melbourne/Sydney product photography specialists, Porkchop.

Sctt Bndctn Print
BY Tess Milani

Limited edition print collaboration for Melbourne fashion house Scott Benedictine.

Brush Calligraphy
BY Maria Montes

Self-initiated project using a Daiso brush pen.

Neualnd Calligraphy
BY Maria Montes

Self-initiated piece using a bamboo pen and liquid watercolour inks.

Italic Calligraphy
BY Maria Montes

Italic calligraphy using a 3mm broad nib pen and walnut ink.

Green Fairy Font
BY Maria Montes

Typeface design in progress

Festival Guide
BY Duncan Smith

Festival guide for Port Fairy Folk Music Festival project

BY David Morton

Experimental Typography based on the burning rendition in the Middle East on the 16.05.13

BY David Morton

2014, Tokyo TDC award of Excellence. Based on the Philosophical writing of Ludwig Wittgenstein

BY David Morton

2015 Tokyo Type Directors TDC Prize winning work, composed on a 1970's typewriter.

Handwritten Typography
BY Zach Cassidy

ISTD “Sound Bites”
BY Leah Zahorujko

Pomeroy Company Profile
BY Phillip Mariette

Pomeroy Company Profile

Anthology Book
BY Alina Goedde

Anthology Book with interactive die cut and embossing.

BY Sophie Ereglidis

Asymmetric grid contrasts the traditional nature of quilting to portray this craft in a modern way.

OCD: The Tormented Mind
BY Sophie Ereglidis

A small publication that highlights and educates the reader about the severity of OCD.

We Will Rock You
BY Sophie Ereglidis

The grandeur and stage presence of Queen are reflected in this eclectic musical.

VAA Publication
BY Sophie Ereglidis

Publication featuring all the finalists of the 2013 Victorian Architecture Awards available for sale

Douceur Typeface
BY Sophie Ereglidis

Douceur, French for Sweet references the style of typography in Paris signage during the late 1800s.

Tarian Typeface
BY Sophie Ereglidis

Tarian typeface is inspired by all the new terms surrounding vegetarianism.

Grimstone & Savery
BY Tracey Allen

Typography design and exhibition catalogue

BY Kate Pullen

Submission to Aus Infront's Visual Response in 2013, placing within the Top 10.

BY Kate Pullen

Submission to the inaugural Typism Book, published in 2013.