Inspiration / Member Gallery

CD cover art
BY Willhemina Wahlin

Cover art for CD, "A Long Way from Home", by Justine Wahlin.

BY Anita Pava

Packaging design and illustration for our Tasmanian handmade produce client.

Paint Packaging
BY Jo Miller

Packaging design for premium paint company, Porter’s Original Paints

Cobs Popcorn Packaging
BY Helen Watts

Cobs Popcorn packaging design

Water labels
BY James Armstrong

Water labels

BY Jorge Tarzia

Labelling and Packaging for handmade chocolates manufacturer

Red Hill Roast Packaging
BY Jorge Tarzia

Packaging for Coffee Roasters in the Mornington Peninsula

Roam Home junior size Fan Heater
BY Christie Wong

Create and Package a junior size fan heater, aim for young male, to be merchandise at homeware store

Dirty Row Wines
BY Mark Harley

Dirty Row Wines is the love child of two friends, one, an accountant and the other a winemaker.

Ius Wines
BY Julie Capurso

Julie Capurso, Graphic Language Design. Wine label development, Identity, branding, illustration

Chateau Yaldara
BY Julie Capurso

Wine Label Design

Glenfiddich 2012 Special Edition
BY Anthony Smith

Glenfiddich Special Edition packaging to coincide with the London Olympics, Duty Free Exclusive.

Forma Repackaging
BY Luke 'Flurolux' Zorbas

Forma – a beauty products company. A visual identity refresh with new packaging.

Adler's Cross Blu-Ray
BY Duncan Smith

Blu-Ray cover design for Adler's Cross

BY Mikey Hart

Branding, identity & packaging across their portfolio of brands.

Soto Skin Care
BY Mikey Hart

Branding, identity & packaging

Kiri Organics dried fruit packaging
BY Leah Zahorujko

To design the identity & associated packaging for an organic dried fruit business.

BY Nikki Ciotola

Husk Tea range & Wine labels

Connoisseur Ice Cream
BY Peter Asprey

Brand and packaging redesign for Australia's leading premium ice cream.