Inspiration / Member Gallery

Nacho Illustaration
BY Bjarni Wark

One of 4 illustrations created for poster design.

BY Julie Capurso

Illustration for wine label

Tiger Express Christmas Card
BY Vincent Cavanagh

Prepared according to brief 210mm x 105mm

Cinema4D Starfighter
BY Vincent Cavanagh

Diploma Project : develop new Star Wars spacecraft post-Episode VI for gaming

Wine Label
BY Zach Jacobs

A unique illustration for a wine label.

Brand poster
BY Racheal Bruhn

Following established brand fit in purpose poster for local fundraising.

Ogilvy Christmas Gift
BY Alice Kenny

A self-promotional Christmas gift which makes it easy to re-gift.

Experimental illustration
BY Elizabeth Tosevski

Ink and Scraperboard

Guitar Amplifier
BY Matthew Molloy

Piece from self-directed illustration series.

dragon sketch 2
BY Eleanore Weeks

more playing with dragon sketching

dragon sketch 1
BY Eleanore Weeks

playing around with sketching dragons

evil eye sketch
BY Eleanore Weeks

sketch of an eye I digitalised

outline of tattoo
BY Eleanore Weeks

this is the outline I hand drew then traced in adobe illustrator of a tattoo design.

lion sketch
BY Eleanore Weeks

I love going back to my passion which is pencil and paper

budha sketch
BY Eleanore Weeks

practising pencil to paper is always good therapy

Cover Illustration
BY Cameron Midson

Cover concept and illustration for Penguin's biggest-selling author.

BY Colleen Keith

Photo-Manuipulated Digital Illustration for an online illustration competition.

SMH Emergency Pediatric Clinic
BY Colleen Keith

Collaborated on main illustrations and clinic's graphic layout for Peds clinic at Surrey Memorial.

Vancouver Aquarium Gift Shop
BY Colleen Keith

Illustration, design, template layout and production management of several new gift product lines.

Hone Website Skin - Student Brief
BY Eva Schafroth

Hand-lettered design for the header of music streaming platform Hone.

Caricature Illustration
BY Ole Florager

Attention to detail makes a caricature not only come to life but also a really special gift.

Whale Pattern
BY Isabel Moon

A3, greyscale.