Inspiration / Member Gallery

Nadene Milne Gallery
BY Gemma Banks

Paul Johns Exhibition Design Invitations

Christchurch Art Gallery
BY Gemma Banks

Gallery exhibition identity: The Devils Blind Spot

Nadene Milne Gallery
BY Gemma Banks

Select exhibition invitations for Nadene Milne Gallery

Heart of Glass: Enjoy Public Art Gallery
BY Gemma Banks

Heart of Glass was published in response to an exhibition by Isabella Dampney and Theo Macdonald.

Christchurch City Council
BY Gemma Banks

Public Space exhibition design with The Physics Room Contemporary Art Space and Hagley College

VCC 2010 Olympic Exhibit
BY Colleen Keith

Collaborated on design & installation management of 2010 Winter Olympic Exhibit at convention centre

DME Cycles & Cinema Exhibit
BY Colleen Keith

Collaborated on concept, layout, design, and production of Deeley Motorcycle Exhibit's 4th show.

Komagata Maru Exhibit
BY Colleen Keith

Story of Komagata Maru concept, design and production for the Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple.

Central Dandenong Revitalisation Program
BY Steve Jones

A sign solution in response to the public's request to understand the history of the area.

Exhibition Advertising
BY Dani Musicka

Design Posters / Invitations / Advertisements for Art Exhibitions.

Workshops Rail Museum
BY Maryann Long

'I've Been Working on the Railway' exhibition

Queensland State Archives
BY Maryann Long

'Queensland Firsts – 50 milestones that shaped a State' travelling exhibition.

Exhibition Branding
BY Hannah Antonsen

Poster design and typeface design for Graphic Design graduate exhibition.