17.07.19 / Make your positioning real… here’s how

At our most recent Workshop in Chicago, we kicked off the two-day session with a discussion about positioning. That session tends to test the confidence of many agency owners.

WWP fundamentals, from attracting the right kind of leads to commanding compensation commensurate with the value you create, is predicated on being seen as the expert.

When you are perceived as the expert, you are narrowing the client’s options making derailing the pitch and winning concessions probable.

Let’s take a step back, then, and think about the ways in which you establish and demonstrate that expertise.

In particular, let’s think about the role of storytelling in articulating your expertise, where it enters into your positioning and how to go from consideration, to resonating with good-fit prospects, to being able to demonstrate your model/framework/structure so at that moment when the prospect is clearly engaged and asks the question, "how would this work?" you, unlike so many who’ve gone before, won’t totally blow it.

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- Blair

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