04.06.19 / Steering the Out-of-Control Bus that is Social Media

If you want to do content marketing right, stop selling your sh!t.

Love it or hate it, social media is a thing and an important tool/thing to help you stay relevant and help your community. Yep. Help others — don’t sell stuff. Social media is not a licence to spam, it’s a platform to give back to your clients, customers, and your broader community.

Entertainment or information
Provide value to customers, make it educational and interesting. Don’t mention what you’re selling. If you’re creating the right content, they’ll ask.

Collaboration and Curation
Working with a brand that you love can cut down on the amount of work it takes to create content. Content creation, I mean great content creation, takes time — which most of you don’t have a lot of — so, collaboration brings together two audiences, yours and theirs.
Curation is all about trying to make your social media a destination. If your community are interested in your previous posts, there’s an expectation that they will be interested in your upcoming posts.
People don’t have much time to give to your content. It’s not about the individual pieces, it’s not about a bunch of random posts — don’t follow trends. What is one aesthetic, what is one purpose through which you can serve people value that doesn’t get in their way?

It might take three months, six months, or a year, but if you give your posts regular aesthetics, regular personality and voice, and make your entire feed cohesive, you’re giving yourself a better chance at building your followers; not necessarily the entire number, but the number of followers who are engaging with your content, who will become your clients, or your brand champions.

Personality first!
Stop being so serious: be playful, people connect to rawness and vulnerability

STOP NEFARIO (a term coined by Chris Do)
When you think about marketing, it’s easy to slip into a strategic, manipulative mindset.
Your audience is smarter than you think, they can tell when you’re playing them.
Marketing isn’t about selling stuff, it’s really a chance to serve; marketing is the generous act of helping others achieve their goals.

Put the You in You.
You need to put YOU into your brand. There’s a lot of noise out there right now, but there is only one you.
Simon Sinek helps us out here, again, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
In terms of social media, your portfolio is your Instagram feed, but your brand/business narrative comprises your Instagram stories.
Ask your community what they want to see on your social media — because you’re not there for you, you’re there for them.

A purchase does not happen as a single operation, it occurs through a series of micro-conversions, where you escalate levels of commitment each time.
Where do your customers gather news and information from?
How will they find you?
Where are your people most active?
Empower your customers to share your story.
Some businesses use social media like it’s advertising. It’s not advertising. It’s not your licence to spam. Ask yourself this: in real life, how do you feel about people who talk about themselves all the time?
Provide value. Do it freely. Do it openly. Give it away

Inform and Inspire
You have a lot of things to offer: knowledge, wisdom, experience, techniques, process. Create content that attracts your clients, content in alignment with the problems and challenges experienced by your clients.
Somebody out there needs what you have.
The idea that you create work to market and to sell to other people online is an old fashioned idea, one that’s borrowed from advertising. What’s more important is for you to build an audience, to send a message out to them, to put YOU into your story. Nobody can copy YOU.
You need four components:
1 An interesting backstory
2 Character flaws
3 Parables — stories you tell to help people understand the world, your world
4 A willingness to be polarising — you have to take a stance. You can’t be for everyone, because then you’re for no one.

A Couple of Tools for Social Media Image Edits

Key Details for Instagram Images
Use natural light where possible
Keep background neutral
Express your true self
Don’t post randomly
Stick to a unified palette
Fit the brand
The more real, the better
Brighter, blue tones, cooler tones seem more popular currently
Post what makes you happy

Finally— Schedule your posts
If you post randomly, it’s super difficult for people to find a connection, to figure out what you’re all about.

Good luck! Please, let’s continue the conversation on social media. Contact us on #AGDAgram



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