08.05.19 / How to think like a client

How to think like a client.

If you’ve ever wondered what clients want from Australian design studios, we’ve unlocked the secrets.

At the latest Design Business Council Unseminar, Coca-Cola’s Natalie Cukerman, Bank Australia’s Fiona Nixon and Good Shepherd Australia and New Zealand’s Elisabeth Tuckey gave valuable insights from a FMCG, corporate and not-for-profit perspective.

We've summarised their thoughts...

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96% of clients use LinkedIn

If you want to talk with clients, LinkedIn is the forum. A recent UK survey, validated by clients at our recent 'What Client's think' UNseminar, reported that 96% of the 500 clients surveyed actively used LinkedIn. That makes it the perfect forum for designers to find, and talk to, clients.

But how many designers use it well? Not many ... it's there for the taking.

That's why we've written the Business of Design LinkedIn for designers – a 3 hour workshop that demonstrates how to use Linkedin to develop new business.

It is specifically for designers, and specifically about finding new business.

Read what one happy client said below...

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